Kudo's to our Great Officials

Posted on Sat, Feb 20, 2016
PeeWee Warburg Officials 

Compliment Details:: I felt that the ref did a great job. He called the game well by letting both teams play and at the same time kept the game under control. I felt all of the calls against our team were clear penalties as were the calls against the other team. He communicated well with both coaches and players with a calm approach. 


Ethan and Darrin - Strathcona Officials 

Wonderfully called game by Ethan and Darrin. A tightly contested game in which the kids were allowed to cleanly determine the outcome. Consistent approach to the game with a fair amount of calls and non-calls. As coaches, we appreciate that very much. Thank you Ethan and Darrin. Keep up the good work!!

PeeWee Coach

Luke and Tyler -Devon Officials

Compliment Details:: Best refereeing job I've seen so far this year and in a long time. Calm and confident refing at its finest. This was the first time I've had unbiased calls in Devon and calling the game as needed. I wasn't afraid for my kids well being on the ice. Thank you for a job well done!!

Bantam Head Coach 

Landon and Brendan - Strathcona Officials 

Compliment Details:: The two Refs did a great job of keeping the game under control as the two teams started chirpin at each other as the game was getting tense. I also appreciated the refs coming to the benches to explain the penalties handed out after little skirmishes  around the nets.

Bantam Visiting Coach 

Ron and Trevor - Athabasca Officials

Compliment Details:: The two Refs were very good at controlling the game. 

Bantam Visiting Coach 

Craig and Blake - Smoky Lake Officials

Compliment Details:: The two officials assigned to this game did a fantastic job. From start to finished they acted like professionals. I am a very loud coach on the bench and they dealt with every issue so well. The reason for this email will be an issue with a head contact call near the end of the 2nd period. My player did get hit in the head, and went down against the boards and stayed down. When my assistant coach got out there, he was out cold. After a short period of time he came too and was helped off the ice. An ambulance was called after he was put in the dressing room as a precaution due to some tingling in his feet and toes. (After examination in Smoky Lake hospital he was all found to be clear of any serious issues) I did ask for an explanation on why there was only an original call of two minutes. The official gladly came over and explain himself . This in its self is rare. I took him to task over what I thought was an easy major penalty call. That part is NEVER done by officials. All in all, both officials did a very good job of letting the boys play but protected them at the same time. Well done boys at keeping the dialogue between coaches and referees open. 

Bantam Visiting Coach - Leduc

Sean and Braden - Camrose Officials

Compliment Details:
: A great job by the officials of controlling this game and very approachable when making an inquiry. They should be complimented for a job well done.

Bantam Visiting Head Coach - Wetaskiwin 

Cole and Gord - Thorsby Officials

Compliment Details:
: In my opinion, this game was very well controlled from start to finish and the officials made themselves available, if needed, to answer any questions. A great job by both ref's

Bantam Visiting Coach - Wetaskiwin 

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