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1660 Hockey League does not rule or governor over initiation level of hockey, it is all dictated by Hockey Alberta.

Please find below a template for categorizing your associations Initiation/Tom Thumb teams.  This may assist the parents, coaches and managers in finding competition within the skill level of their initiation team.  This concept is new and may require some fleshing out but as it develops it may be adapted by more then just our league.  The intent of this classification is to aid in finding competition around our league that is at the same skill set in the initiation level. 

All teams are requested to provide a contact for their initiation team on our web site.

For any information regarding the Initiation Team Contact Pages please contact:

Marie Forcade 

Phone: 780 961-2140

Please classify your team under the following rankings.


I - 1

The team is playing at a near novice level 
 - Majority of players know their positions
 - Majority of players can skate well
 - Goalies may be assigned or dressed 
 - Some players can skate backwards
 - Some players can raise the puck

I - 2

The team understands the concept of the hockey game and are competing well
 - Some of the players know their position
 - Goalies may be rotated
 - Most of players can skate well
 - Most of players can carry the puck 30 ft

I - 3

The team is developing and are competing but positioning is non-existing.
 - The team has some stronger players 
 - Half the team know how to skate
 - Half the team can carry the puck 30ft
 - All players are rotated through the net during the game
 - Half of the players know how to score

I - 4

The team is developing and having a lot of fun 
 - 1-4 players know how to skate 
 - 1-4 players know how to score
 - several players know how to starfish mid game
 - All of the players are rotated through the net during the game

To ADD your team to one of the Initiation Team Contact Lists simply email the following to :

1. I number (As above) that you believe your team to be.
2. Team Name
3. Contact Name
4. Contact Phone Number
5. Contact Email Address

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