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Team managers, please refer to the Managers Guidelines page regularly, as new information may be added. It will provide you with everything you need to know to be a manager with 1660 Hockey League. located on ~Information ~ Managers Guidelines 


Midget Tier 4 Playoffs

Playoff formats will be updated as the playoffs progress. Please ensure that gamesheets are uploaded within the 24hr after the game has been played to aid in keeping the formats up to date.

Please review the proposed playoff formats. They have been custom designed for the structure of the division (number of subdivisions, volume of teams, competitive balance of the division. Formats are designed to keep as many teams as possible playing as long as possible.

Regional alignments of first round seeding will be set Jan 19.

Flexible first round seedings will balance between travel obligations and proposed seedings.

Each format will have:

- Minimum of 2 rounds or 3 game round robin for all tiers (1 possible exception)

- All round robin games must have a winner, overtime/shootout if necessary

- All medal round semi-finals and finals are best of 3

Playoff Format Terminology

Division winner 1 - Division winner with the best record

Division winner 2 - Division winner with second best record

Wild Card 1 - non-division winner with the best record from any subdivision

13the overall - 13th place without regard for subdivisions

Please click here to refer to the 1660 Hockey League Regulations regarding playoff format and guidelines

Instructions can be viewed in the Managers Guidelines (14. Playoffs)

The name of the series, game play format, and final date of play for that series can be found in the playoff format.

Please find the series you are playing in, then find the game number to be used on the Notice of Game Change form on the left hand side.

Good luck everyone!

Regular season ends Feb 20th

Playoffs begins         Feb 22st

Season ends            Mar 20th 


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